Test app

This app gets its data from a content server by sending requests and receiving responses. As you drill into the data you will see collections of results until you reach the end of the quest: links to single resources that this app transforms into simple views. The model is effectively that of an ebook that gets its data from the cloud.


This app uses PHP cURL calls as the "walkie talkie" to send API requests to a content server and then listen for returned data. On the successful return of that data, this app converts "collections" into links that drill further into the database hierarchy. When a link returns a fully qualified resource, this app does a light conversion into HTML (for the sake of keep this a demo). In principle, this app could run locally in your browser using JavaScript for the logic, effectively behaving like most playlist-driven music apps, except that it is playing "DITA hits" instead.

The documentation for the API itself is at expeDITA API for Content server. Be sure to try the sample links to understand how each segment of the URL behaves as a query for an ever-more specific request, culminating in a named resource.

Road map:

  • Add nav buttons for to/from/sequence
  • Add an image request to imbed in the HTML rendition
  • Use the more complete library of expeDITA XSL support (current rendering is very basic)
  • Add a JSON-driven browser
  • Support the remaining HTTP verbs: Create, Update, Delete (although in a sandbox)
  • Build out the HTTP status code function. Currently everything defaults to 200--"OK"--even if it is not.
  • more

Returned data for request

  • Current request: "/api/"
  • Group name: "index"
  • Query type: "index"
  • Resource name: "index"
  • API request: "get_data(index,index,index)"
Unupported data type 'get'.

Simple app visualization:

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